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Luxburg 100" 221x125cm 16:9 Manual Pull Down Projection Screen - Matt White Fabric (87"x50")


Luxburg Manual Projection Screens The Luxburg manual screens are popular due to ease of use and good value for money. It comes with a controlled winding and locking mechanism. Drag the screen to th...


Luxburg Universal aluminium 50 - 150 cm projector laptop tripod stand


A brand new Luxburg© universal projector/laptop tripod stand. This tripod stand from Luxburg© is perfect to keep your projector or laptop on the right height.  It is highly light weight and portab...


Luxburg Universal Projector Mount Bracket kit 10-20 cm - Holds up to 15kg, White


A brand new Luxburg universal projector mount bracket. Easy to assemble and install. It can be used with the vast majority of projectors up to a maximum weight of 15 kg. Ideal for use at home or o...


Luxburg 150x200 cm Professional Portable Green Backdrop Chromakey Background


Professional Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Backdrop. This pull up backdrop can be used anything, whether you are at home making a tutorial, or in a studio filming and editing the background o...


Luxburg 85" 152x152cm 1:1 Projection Screen with Tripod, Projection Screen - Matt White Fabric (60"x60")


Luxburg Tripod Projection Screen With this high-quality full HD and 3D portable projection screen with a tripod, you will be able to watch presentations, sports matches, movies or tv shows almost ...