FAQs - Electric Screens

  • Is the screen infinitely adjustable?
  • My screen does not retract fully
  • How to mount it on the ceiling?
  • Does it include a remote?
  • How long is the power cable?
  • On what side is the power cable?
  • " Can my HD video projector screen be in front of my surround sound systems Center-channel speaker and not affect the audio negatively"
  • How to Mount in the Celling
  • How much power it consume?
  • Does it need external power Amplifire
  • Is voltage stabilizer required for voltage protection?
  • Does the screen have any mounts on the bottom in case I change my mind and decide to mount it on the ceiling at some point?
  • Is the screen able to projected on from the rear so it is viewable from the front as my projector can flip its its image?